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Mulch & Loam



A popular, high demand mulch.  This mulch is natural hemlock that provides a “Hemlock Red” color. Its ideal brick red color spreads easily and looks great.

Premium Mix

A premium blended mulch.  It is an aromatic mix of natural, rich brown hues produced from Hemlock & Spruce.

Fine Pine (Black)

A softwood blend of pine, spruce and fir aged to deep dark color.  The color is stabilized to maintain its dark characteristics.  This mulch is commonly referred to as “Black Mulch”.

Dark Brown Pine

Due to frequent requests, we now carry a dark brown pine bark mulch.  The rich, chocolate color is achieved naturally through an aging process. 

Screened Loam

Screened through a 3/4” screener, our loam is perfect for lawns and gardens. Please call for availability.  

Where it Comes From

Mulch itself is produced largely in Maine. The bulk of the raw material is obtained from paper mills across Canada and then trucked to the mulch plant where it is processed into the product spread in your yards.

Ray Wilson's mulch is 100% natural. Using only hemlock, spruce, pine and fir; it contains no harmful pesticides, creosotes or chemicals.  Our line of mulch is produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Maine and New Hampshire. 

Our products are not a wood based product, but a true bark mulch product.  Any of the wood fiber found in our mulch is the by product of the debarking and manufacturing process.  All of our mulches are created out of quality materials from the lumber and forestry industries and prized by gardeners all over the Northeast.  

We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing quality mulches at competitive prices with reliable delivery and excellent service.
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