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Mulching Tips for a Beautiful Yard

Bark mulch bed in Acton
Mulch around trees and extend the mulch several feet from the trunk.
  • improves appearance

  • protects trees from mower and trimmer damage

  • protects roots from erosion and compacting soil

  • makes mowing and lawn care easier

Mulch around your shrubs and be sure to cover all the bare soil.
  • inhibits weeds

  • conserves water

  • creates a professional looking landscape

Create decorative mulch borders to enhance special features in your yard.
  • along walkways

  • around the perimeter of decks and patios

  • around swimming pools

Mulch in the Spring
  • helps establish seedlings

  • protects perennials and bulbs

Mulch in the Summer
  • inhibits weeds

  • helps to retain moisture

  • keeps roots cool

Mulch in the late Fall
  • protects roots from frost

  • prevents plant loss from winter and early spring thaws and freezes

  • keeps plants dormant

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