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Our Products

Call for pricing, 3 yard minimum delivery, discounts available for mulch deliveries over 5 and 10 yards. Please feel free to stop by our yard to look at our in stock mulch and compost/loam blend before you place an order. 

Hemlock Bark Mulch


A popular, high demand mulch.  This mulch is natural hemlock blended with Pine and Spruce that provides a "Hemlock Red" color.  Its ideal brick red color spreads easily and looks great.

Premium mix bark mulch Northern pine spruce

Premium Mix

A organic premium blended mulch.  It is an aromatic mix of natural, rich brown hues produced from Hemlock, Fir & Spruce.

Black color enhanced bark mulch

Fine Pine (Black)

A softwood blend of Pine, Spruce & Fir aged to a deep dark color.  The color is stabilized to maintain its dark characteristics.  This mulch is commonly referred to as "Black Mulch".

Dark Brown Aged spruce Bark Mulch

Dark Brown (Aged Spruce)

Our Dark Brown mulch is an aged Spruce/Hemlock giving it a highly desirable rich, chocolate color that is achieved through an aging process.

Loam Compost Blend 75/25

Loam Blend 75/25

Perfect for lawns and gardens our loam is a perfect blend of organic materials creating an optimal rich blend.

Other Available Products


These are special orders and are available for delivery only. Must order at least 3 yards. Typical lead time 2-3 days.


3/4" Crushed Granite

3/4 crushed stone

This is more like 3/8" to 3/4" from the quarry now

3/4" Round Stone

3/4" natural brown stone

Playground Chips

Playground Chips Kid Kushion

1 1/2" Crushed Granite

1 1/2" Crushed Stone

This is more like 3/4" to 1 1/2" from the quarry now

1 1/2" Round Stone

1 1/2" natural brown stone

Organic Compost

Organic compost

3/8" Crushed Stone

3/8" Crushed Stone

3/4" Dense Grade

3/4" minus graded base

Stone Dust

Stone Dust

Screened Sand

Color Enhanced Bright Red

olor enhanced cardinal red cedar color from Dirt Dr Mulch
Screened Sand
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