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Soil and Playground 

Call or click for pricing, 3 yard minimum delivery. Please feel free to stop by our yard to look at our in stock compost/loam blend before you place an order. 

Loam Compost Blend 75/25

Loam Blend 75/25

Perfect for lawns and gardens our loam is a perfect blend of organic materials creating an optimal rich blend.


These are special orders and are available for delivery only. Must order at least 3 yards. Typical lead time 2-3 days.


Playground Chips

Playground Chips Kid Kushion

Made with double ground natural soft wood fibers. ASTM 1292-09 Certified and safe for playground areas.

Organic Compost

Organic compost

Organic Compost screened down to 1/2".


Organic compost

Loam screened down to 1/2"

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